Fair & ‘Lovely’?

Today we will talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to South Asian people, especially concerning the topic of marriage, Blackness!

Now as South Asians we are all too aware of the negative connotations that come with being ‘dark skinned’ or ‘wheatish complexioned’ the latter a stupid term used by many South Asian folk when describing someone who isn’t quite ‘blessed’ with Fair Skin but not quite wanting to say ‘DARK skinned’

Who remembers the innocent days of playing out in the sun too long and then having your face caked in fair and lovely and the lesser evil ‘Tibet Cream’ by your Mum or your Nan to give you that desired ‘Gora (White)’ skin tone which is oh so sought after amongst the people, lord knows that shit didn’t make me gora 🙂

Notice the darker skinned Sister looks Sad😒🙄

Now desiring a clearer complexion, lol, bollocks, lets be real, desiring whiter skin is a cancer that affects more than just the South Asian community, from the Caribbeans, to the Africans, all the way Far East and South East Asia, people are risking skin disease and cancer to depict the beauty standards which have been forced on us through colonialism right down to current popular media, but why?

Could we say British Colonialism has messed up the mindsets of the People of Colour whom it colonised?

Is there a deep desire to look like Massa or Memsahib because that is what’s considered ‘beautiful’?

Or does it go further back to the Caste System in India, the so called higher castes being lighter skinned people whilst the ‘lower castes’ darker skinned?

The Brothers are at it too 😐

On the one hand the desire to look lighter skinned is restricted to just that, lighter skin, it isn’t a case of shunning culture because Desis are as Desi as they come, bright colours and loud music and lets face it, some good ass food!

But on the other hand isn’t it then a delusion to want to celebrate a culture and show pride in your heritage yet not wanting to visibly pass as South Asian?

All that Melanin and you’re frowning? Come on!

Oh the dilemma!

One thing we can say for sure, skin politics is a BIG problem on the Subcontinent and has poured over into the mindsets of 2nd and 3rd generation British Asians.

I remember as a kid and well into my teens and early 20s, the subject of skin colour was important to me, as I was constantly having to defend my darker skin and non typical Kashmiri features to extended family members and sly remarks from friends, all the while seeing more and more South Asians trying hard to pass as lighter skinned, ‘maybe i can pass for x,y and z’ Nah You’re Desi, embrace it, or quit complaining about cultural appropriation when you see White girls rocking bindis!

The Self hatred is cringeworthy, we are Generation Y, it is so important to not pass this mess onto our offspring, we have a choice right here right now to raise some secure, happy and culturally aware kids.

Let’s Support our Beautiful Darker Skinned Sisters!

The struggle is as REAL as we make it!

Here’s a little something I wrote a few months back, it’s somewhat fitting here!

Until next time -.


Author: samdelaghett

Actor, Spoken Word Artist from a city called Bradford

2 thoughts on “Fair & ‘Lovely’?”

  1. LOVE how you’re always talking about things we’re not really supposed to talk about, haha. Unfortunately this mentality exists everywhere but seems to have gone to another level in South Asia.


    1. Haha those are the best things to talk about, the taboo, the ignored underbelly of self hatred that needs to be eradicated, its 2017!! Thank you, stay tuned in for more things we’re not supposed to talk about 😉


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